Dance is good for the legs!

Want to beef up your legs, but the sessions of bums and tums annoy you? Then, enter the dance! Place flamenco and tap dancing, more fun that sport.

One can do sports and have fun, rhythm and music. The proof with these two energetic disciplines that sculpt our bodies.

Flamenco, strength and sensuality

Native to southern Spain, Flamenco refers to both a song, music and dance. Theatrical and expressive, flamenco dance draws its strength from the earth that the feet of the dancer hit with authority.

Learning flamenco

Tight buttocks, belly and shoulder blades retracted, open chest and neck pulled up: this is the posture of a flamenco dancer. "The Andalusian naturally have this outfit, says Maria Donzella, flamenco dancer and teacher. Here it is less obvious: when you work all day long in front of a computer, we tend to keep vaulted. "

Cultivating sensuality learning to move his pelvis and mobilize each body part separately without tension. For example, the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Essential finally sink her steps in specific rhythmic structures become more complex with practice.

The wellness benefits of flamenco

The striking of the feet effectively muscle legs. With training, the body changes, will tones. "By adopting an elegant posture, women beautify and gain confidence. You can practice at any age: I had "students" over 72 years. It is slower on his feet, but is also less in the "control", the face is more expressive and body relaxed. "

The good performance: a long skirt with ruffles and flamenco shoes.

Tap, sense of rhythm

They readily evoke the joyous American musicals of the 50s But under the apparent ease of no Gene Kelly, tap dancing requires technical and sense of rhythm, long hours of work fruit.

Learning tap dancing

"It is a tonic but not violent dance, which is accessible to all, regardless of age, says Hervé le Goff, choreographer, dancer and teacher of tap dancing for over twenty years. The basics of learning? "The distribution of body weight, listening and concentration, a sense of rhythm. "
The steps are performed with the tip and heel of the shoe, engaging the whole leg. "I make sure that the course is never off-putting. Different not working every time and it always ends with a small choreography for pleasure. "

The wellness benefits of tap

The practice tap dancing legs and allows muscle to work smoothly, endurance. "It is also, for many, the realization of a dream. During the course, we live this dream and forget the daily. "

The good performance: comfortable clothes and shoes tap, fitted with iron under the sole and heel.

To know
Some diseases, including joint or ligament pathologies, may constitute cons-indications to the practice of a "physical" dance. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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