First week of guide dogs: stop to received ideas

In France, only a visually impaired person in 100 has a guide dog. And France has 3.346 million visually impaired. FFAC pulls the alarm bells denouncing the many misconceptions and lack of information on the usefulness of a guide dog.

According to the French Federation of guide dogs, too many ideas preclude requests dogs guides. FFAC therefore launching, the 24 to 30 September 2012, the first week of the guide dog. The initiative's main objective is "to support more and more visually impaired people to autonomy".

Open house dogs Schools blind guides

Appointment not to be missed: Sunday, September 30, ten members of FFAC schools open their doors to the general public to discover the work of educators.

You can also meet with host families dogs to guide blind and visually impaired people explaining their experience. In addition, you have the opportunity to inform you about how to obtain a guide dog.

Five ideas

  • "Getting a dog guide, it pays! "NO, it's free!
  • "It is only for the blind! "NO, visually impaired have the right to get one!
  • "This is more restrictive than useful. "NO, a guide dog provides comfort, safety and independence every day!
  • "It takes several years before having a guide dog. "NO, the delivery of a guide dog may take between 6 months and 2 years after application.
  • "I can not go everywhere with my dog. "NO, guide dogs are allowed in all public places!

"Everywhere with my guide dog"

Visually impaired people with their guide dogs are denied even in places open to the public and in transport. The volunteer host families and educators guide dogs can not access those same places, lack of supportive legislation.

That is why the National Association of guides for the blind dog owners, association affiliated to FFAC, launches a petition entitled "Everywhere with my guide dog." This support text, which will be submitted to the Minister Delegate in charge of disabled people, Marie-Arlette Carlotti, also recalls the importance of the recognition of the true status of the dog guide its selection at the end of his life.

You can obtain further information hotline: 0800147852

See: the site of the FFAC.