Get fit with the acid-base system

Halfway between detox and slimming, the acid-base method is in tune with the times! His goal: to fight against the acidification of the body to regain shape, youth and online. Explanations and advice.

Any medium has an acidity degree evaluated by measuring the pH. A pH greater than 7 indicates that the medium is basic, while a pH below 7 shows acidity. A pH 7 neutral, shows a balance. The human body is also governed by pH, that of his blood. Thus, a healthy human body is basic.

Acidity is favored by our modern lifestyles

The body constantly fight against acid attack caused by our modern lifestyle, including poor diet and transformed. To mop up excess acidic components it faces and maintain a stable pH, the body constantly draws on its mineral resources. Result: it is malfunctioning, leading health disorders and in turn weight gain.

To restore the functioning of the body, the solution is to fight against acidity by focusing on a diet rich in "basics". At key: kilos less, but more vitality and radiance, fewer health concerns.

The acidity, a scientific measurement

Contrary to what one might think, acidity has nothing to do with taste. For the acidity of a food, there is a tool, the SARP. Expressed in milliequivalents per 100 g unit, it reveals an excess of acidity when it is positive and an excess of alkalinity when it is negative.

The acid-base method in practice

A trim and 70/30 10-12 glasses of water daily. The focus is on fruit and vegetables, oily fish, nuts and vegetable proteins.
The first phase is alkalizing. It is to consume fruits and vegetables accompanied by small portions of vegetable proteins. The second is reminéralisante: it allows the reintroduction of meat, lean fish, and beneficial fatty acids. The third is to add meat, cereals and cheese, but in moderation, so as to respect the rule of 70/30.

Classification of food and acid-base method in practice

The basic foods: Fruits and vegetables, soy, green tea, herbal teas, nuts, dried fruits, spices, vegetable oils.

The acidifying foods: cereal, bread, butter, cheese, meat, fish, meats, sugar, salt, alcohol, coffee.

Acid-base diet, the typical day

For breakfast: fresh fruit, a glass of soy milk or yogurt or cottage cheese and a bowl of oatmeal.

At lunch: 150 g chicken or tuna, vegetables; green tea and dark chocolate.

Dinner: homemade vegetable soup, 150 g fat fish, vegetables, soy yogurt and green tea or herbal tea.

Snacks: fresh juice and an oleaginous or soy milk.

To read on the topic: The acid-base method and Ma anti-aging promise, Dr Hervé Grosgogeat, ed. Odile Jacob.

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