Gluteal prostheses: what outcome to what price?

Demand, though discreet, does exist: the flat buttocks want roundness! Laying buttock implants is now possible ... under certain conditions.

Developed by Raul Gonzalez in Brazil, laying buttock implants come with us! "This surgical technique, and only this, is precise, serious and thoughtful," says Dr. Patrick Baraf, which indicates that the prosthesis should be housed either under the skin or behind the muscles because the sciatic nerve n ' is not far away!

Inside the gluteus maximus

Each prosthesis is placed inside the gluteus maximus, the largest and most superficial of the three muscles of the buttock. However, the prosthesis is sufficiently covered to be invisible and imperceptible to the touch. The thickness of the muscle spindle is increased, the buttock is rounder.

The incision is made in the crease of the buttocks, leaving a vertical scar, almost invisible that never higher than the top of the fold. An adhesive bandage closer buttocks so that no tension is exerted on the scar. Good to know: a rice-based diet and pasta is mainly set up one week before the procedure to reduce the stool.

The consequences of the operation

The hospital stay is about seven days. The immediate consequences are managed by the healthcare team. There is on one hand the pain: after the operation, it hurts and it really embarrassed ...

Postoperative pain is however better and better supported: during the first two or three days epidural infusion completely desensitized lower body while allowing the march.

Furthermore, hygiene of the scar is extremely important. As it is very close to the anus, the risk of infection is increased. What to do to avoid germs? Wash with water after each bowel movement and dry the gluteal fold.

In what cases can you opt for buttock implants?

This is possible if ...

- Want round buttocks.
- I'm really motivated: this intervention remains painful. And very expensive, as yet rare.

This is not possible if ...

- I want to correct drooping buttocks. Prosthetics gives only the volume that inflates the buttock.
- I have a weak immune system. Because the location of the scar creates a significant risk of infection ... that the medical profession does not want to take them.

If I want it anyway ...

To correct drooping buttocks plasty may be associated with the installation of prostheses. A triangle of skin is removed and the gluteal muscles are called into tension. A scar is then added in the natural crease underneath the buttock.