How seniors define happiness

It means to be happy when it was over 70 years? To find out, 1,100 seniors were interviewed as part of the Observatory of age. And the results are more than encouraging: seniors believe that happiness can be learned throughout life.

Spread the word: seniors over 70 are happy! This is certainly what has been said 84% of them, interviewed by ViaVoice for the Observatory of age. Those residing in nursing homes, 100 study participants, share this sentiment to 72%.

Happiness can be learned throughout life

Their message, full of promise, may help those who agonize at the thought of growing old: age does not make unhappy, despite living situations sometimes less obvious. Only one third of respondents believe that as more we advance in age, the less happy.

For most seniors, happiness, it is not a coincidence, it is an art that is learned and maintained throughout life.

And their recipes are simple. To prepare for the happiness when you get older, you need:

  • have a healthy and balanced life;
  • be close to his family;
  • to the right people;
  • have adequate housing;
  • make regular medical visits.

Not surprisingly, the links with the family and everything related to health and "successful aging" are the elements that contribute most to happiness.

Enjoy life and see the bright side

Another lesson seniors are hedonists. The recipe for happiness they would deliver to their children? Above all, live for the moment, be optimistic and enjoy life.

Come next :

  • have a good job,
  • be surrounded by his family, have children,
  • have good health,
  • respect others, pay attention to others.