How to retain what we learn

We watch some numbers thinking able to remember it, and then they evaporate from our mind in less than ten seconds. Fortunately, there are some techniques to improve goldfish memory.

Our education system is based on the learning of different materials, but does not give us the necessary basis: learning to learn. However, this advantage is very helpful throughout our professional and personal life. So to fill this gap, the US site Business Insider has published some useful tips.

Work memory

This is the least fun part of the process: make the effort to remember something. Yet if stored is difficult for you, it is a sign that you are doing your best. Memory by stimulating talks. For this reason, the cards are a great way to make it work.

Pay attention to the flow

When you read a text and it seems easy to remember, you are in what Business Insider called "fluidity". And it brings you no good. For example, when you see an address and you think you will remember them no problems, you will take a few steps, watching your smartphone and then instantly forget this address.

The solution: read the address, turn his head to ask what is the address, and if we remember, we can go!

Making connections

If you get to create links between your old and your news knowledge, learning will be much easier. One of the best ways to achieve this is to think of practical examples when you learn something new. If you have just discovered the principle of heat transfer, consider the cup of tea that warms your hands in the morning, and so on ...

Looking back

Rethinking the work done during the day helps to fix the new information in the memory. Look back increases efficiency and helps them feel more confident about the ability to achieve goals.