Sport and health: good reasons to move

Lack of time, fatigue ... excuses often used to flee his gym class. However, sedentary lifestyle is harmful. To wake the sportsman in you, new arguments, all scientifically proven.

When your body moves, heart capacity and lung function increases, the muscles receive sufficient oxygen intake, joints work, the brain is more alert ... You are in full possession of your means.

To exercise to control weight

Sport in itself does not lose weight, but it helps. "At a very low intensity physical activity, the body draws on fat. But mostly it loses water and this is not enough to lose weight, "says Dr. Rochcongar, president of the French Society of Sports Medicine.

To achieve weight loss, adjust food intake to energy expenditure. You should also know that after a regime is the physical practice that makes the difference between people who return the lost kilos and those who control their weight.

Playing sports to fight against anxiety

A person in good shape, with good body image, better faces the difficulties of life and the fight against anxiety more easily.

To exercise to prevent disease

Still, it is good for the heart; it has long been known. "The most active people have a reduced cardiovascular mortality by 30% compared to less active," says Professor Jean-Michel Oppert, the nutrition department at the Pitié-Salpêtrière.

The discoveries about cancer, much more recent, going in the same direction. Regular practice reduced by 30% the risk of breast cancer and 40-50% the risk of colon cancer. Prevention of type 2 diabetes, the effects are as spectacular.

"The actions in people at risk and carrying both on diet, weight and physical activity reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 60%," enthuses Prof. Oppert.

To exercise to get strong bones

To prevent osteoporosis, the disease associated with loss of bone mass, nothing like gymnastics, basketball or dancing. With jumps and impulses, vibrations and mechanical stresses stimulate cells that manufacture bone. To build a strong bone mass, you have to practice from childhood.

Playing sports for better care

"In some chronic diseases, physical activity is prescribed today as a real drug," says Dr. Rochcongar. Re-training programs are offered to the effort for victims of myocardial infarction, with the key, fewer relapses.

In diabetics, sport increases the transport of glucose into muscle, which lowers their insulin requirements.

Even prescription for respiratory failure. "Physical activity is the most powerful therapeutic tool in the treatment of dyspnea, respiratory disorder, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, respiratory disease of smokers," according to researchers from Inserm.

Playing sports to increase their brain power

Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain. Nothing is yet fully proven, but there could be a benefit on brain function, especially in the elderly. A track prevention against Alzheimer's disease.

Playing sports to boost his sexuality

Regular exercise prepares you for the energy expenditure of intercourse. It also increases the frequency ... A condition of not embarking on an intensive practice. "Beyond six hours of sport per week, fatigue takes over," observes Dr. Christophe Delong, sports doctor.

Physical activity improves the secretion of certain hormones promoting desire in women. Finally, its beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system ensures better erections for men.

Playing sport to have a beautiful baby

Appropriate physical activity is entirely possible during pregnancy. The baby will draw as profits. The increased blood flow brings more oxygen and it regulates blood sugar, "which is a major growth factor," said Dr. Delong.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, it is best not to overdo it and not exceed 100-120 beats per minute heart rate. In the second quarter, the pace can be a little more sustained but without forcing the abs. This is not to gain too much weight, which is bad for the tone of the uterus. In the third quarter, walking and swimming relieve back pain and are working away. Good preparation for childbirth.

To exercise to live longer

The sum of these benefits has an impact on our longevity, it makes sense. It is also proven scientifically that regular physical activity can reduce premature mortality by 30%. This would correspond, according to experts from INSERM, a gain in life expectancy of one or two years.