The right to abortion unconditionally

The bill for equality between women and men struggled since Monday in the National Assembly. It offers, among others, to remove from the law the reference to the distress that conditions today the right of access to abortion.

The debate on the right to abortion is not appeased in France. Sunday, January 19, 2014, several thousand people demonstrated against the right to abortion. Inspired by the new Spanish policy very restrictive in access to abortion, blood and gold flags fluttered in the Parisian sky.

Should we be worried?

Yesterday morning, the Minister of Women's Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, recalled on RTL that "these events are held annually, and the vast majority of French fully supports the right to abortion."

Marie-Pierre Martinet, Secretary General of Family Planning, observes that this event fits "in the continuity of efforts for many years. The Spanish energizes the news. If any politician today would take the risk of challenging the law or access to abortion, vigilance is required especially in an act which it was legalized, has never been legitimized.

We hear often still "Still, an abortion, with all the contraceptive methods that exist," "an abortion is necessarily traumatizing" ... It's a pretty infantile vision of women's decisions. Abortion is not a problem, it is a solution to a problem in a society that bear full responsibility for the consequences of sex only to women. "

The current situation of abortion in France

  • Abortion is available on women pregnancy site in distress;
  • it can be practiced before the end of the twelfth week of pregnancy or before the end of the fourteenth week without rules;
  • it shall be reimbursed at 100% for all women;
  • minor can be used with or without parental consent.

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What changes the new law

  • It removes the concept of "pregnant woman whose condition up in distress," and replaces it with "who does not want to pursue a pregnancy." This is to affirm the right of women to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy.
  • It strengthens the crime of obstruction, that is to say extend moral and psychological pressure, threats or intimidation to acts against women came out about an abortion, to ensure the access to information.

An amendment challenges the delisting of abortion

The proposal to delete the notion of distress rekindled political tensions. Sixteen deputies UMP filed a fallback amendment) to the bill requesting the delisting of abortion. According to them, "If the notion of distress is deleted from the definition of abortion, the repayment terms of the act by Social Security are no longer met. "

A strongly condemned by the Family Planning position: in a statement, he stressed the need to adapt the law to changes in society and denounces a certain moral attitude "which tends to dictate to others what is good or not for her. "And to say loud and clear:" Allowing under equal access to abortion is not an incentive is to allow the choice without guilt! "Furthermore, we can only regret that this decline amendment combines access to abortion in a money issue.

What think gynecologists

"Psychological distress is very difficult to assess abortion request for consultations. Remove this reference as a condition of access to abortion will be the reality in the field, "said Dr. Elizabeth Paganelli, gynecologist and general secretary of Syngof. For all, access to healthcare care remains a priority.

Thus, the National College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists French recalls in a press release issued today that access to care "very directly depends on the means that are given to centers orthogénie including medical posts which many centers do not. Remove the abortion clinics of their isolation, integrate the operation of hospital services in gynecology and obstetrics, giving them the means to operate them, help the Liberal sector to offer an organized supply, enhance medical abortion, are the actions it would be important to implement. "

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