Thinness: standards are not the same everywhere

There are countries where there is so adept silhouettes Giacometti, and others which are preferred Rubens. Where would we mannequins according to our corpulence?

* A study conducted on 20,000 people from thirteen countries and four different continents shows very different slimming ideals depending on where one lives.

Countries with slim silhouette is in the spotlight

Countries such as Bulgaria, France, Israel, the Philippines and Slovakia thinness value the feminine, while Austria, Mexico and Urugay, prefer it to the male.

Countries that enjoy a certain corpulence

However, in Ireland we love women and men rather "healthy", and Uruguay, we appreciate buxom women.

The problem is that reality does not always match the ideal. There is a match in South Korea and the Philippines where thinness is the ideal body mass index of individuals, as well as in Ireland, Urugay and New Zealand where BMI is pretty average, as the desired silhouette.

In contrast, countries such as Bulgaria, France, Israel and Slovakia, advocate thinness while BMI is rather average.

A shift which is not without consequence

This gap between the ideal and reality causes pressure in individuals who want to match, or come as close as possible to the desired standards. Which can ultimately lead to eating disorders.

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* Source: "The standards of thinness: an international comparison", INED, October 2013.