What sport to keep the line?

To lose weight without a strict diet, it is advisable to spend. It is also necessary to choose a sport adapted to his physical condition.

This is mathematical: to magnify the fact is related to an imbalance between energy intake and expenditure. When the body gets more energy than it burns, it stores it as fat in adipose tissue.

Do not allow to settle overweight

Of course, there are predisposing factors such as family history, taking certain medicines or endocrine and hormone disorders. But weight gain is primarily related to a diet too rich and / or anarchy and lack of physical activity.

To lose weight, so you have to logically reduce his calorie intake by eating less but better, and increase spending by moving more.

It is important not to let settle overweight, to limit the appearance of complications. To do this, follow a balanced food program adapted to each one hand, and increase physical expenditure on the other. It is this combination of resources that will enable an effective and sustainable weight loss.

Promises plans

To achieve this, some believe they have found the silver bullet: they rush headlong into drastic dietary restrictions. Certainly, at the beginning and it works quickly and they lose a lot.

But, unable to keep such restrictions sustainably, they eventually return to their old habits and regain the lost weight, often accompanied by a few extra kilos: the famous 'yo-yo effect'. A vicious circle because, by dint of chain loss and weight taken, their body becomes more resistant to weight loss.

The appeal of the sport

Other credo is spend to burn calories and melt fat. As a motor, the body uses fuel every time it is activated. This fuel is supplied to it by the calorie food, it stores or in the form of glycogen in the muscles or as fat in adipose tissue.

In fact, when we practice a sport, not only one expends energy, but in addition, when the available glycogen is depleted, the body converts its fat stores to provide energy for the effort .

All sports activities are they worth?

The most appropriate efforts to refine those are called 'aerobic': walking, swimming, running, cycling, rowing machine, exercise machines ... Not only these activities burn calories, but in addition they can be carried over long durations and promote fat burning.

However, we will keep - especially if it's a long time we did not shod courts - to launch headlong into a new activity. At first, better focus the duration and regularity.

The intensity will come with time, the body gradually gets used to the effort during the sessions. Also, if you are overweight, consult a doctor before you start and start with soft, little traumatic for joint activities, such as walking, cycling and swimming.