What sport to tone up in the water?

What water does optimizes our efforts and what water activities focus to toning? Follow the leader !

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  • The aerobics and aqua
  • The aquabiking: cycling in water
  • The aquaboxing: boxing in water

The water causes a higher resistance than air which intensifies the working deep muscles while preserving our joints and decreasing our "suffering"! The body, losing about 2/3 of its weight in water, appears lighter and exercises are performed with more ease.

In addition, water constantly exerts a massage our source wellness fabrics; the heart rate increases and gently "heat stress" linked to metabolic heat production during exercise, is compensated by the freshness of water ... In the end, this is a job that is gaining in intensity: 45 minutes of exercise consuming 500 kcal!

The aerobics and aqua

Sunrise lateral leg, knee up, arm flexion with a fried ... water aerobics solicits all muscle groups of the body through exercises in static position or moving, feet on the floor or body in suspension, with or without accessories. To varying degrees, water aerobics in the proposed municipal pool are in principle open to all.

More toned, the aqua mobilizes more cardiovascular system by jumping, endurance exercises ... It can include aqua jogging exercises or aquatic race, feet on the ground or in deep water with a flotation belt. Its assets? Jogging preserving ankle joints and muscle abs, very busy to keep the body upright!

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The aquabiking: cycling in water

And if you practice aquabiking? Immersed to the waist on a bike without wheels attached to the bottom of a pool, you pedal for about forty minutes. After a short warm-up, you alternate pedaling and pedaling, simulate a peaceful walk, a run, a sprint or a climb, sitting or standing on your pedals!

An exercise endurance improves heart function and breathing. It is also the ideal activity to relieve the "heavy legs" related to venous insufficiency: strengthening the deep muscles of the legs tone the vein walls and prevent "venous stasis", while the active tissue mass water during exercise. After a few sessions, legs and deflate cellulite fades!

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The aquaboxing: boxing in water

Romp by musclant: this is what provides the aquaboxing or aquapunching. The body immersed in water of a swimming pool, you practice some warm-up exercises before performing on a tonic music, movements from martial arts and boxing "fists feet" ... but without opponent with gloves and foam!

Neither confrontation nor violence, it "works" for self and group. The whole body muscle and lets off steam safely ... while enjoying the effect of "drainage" of water. The mastery of gesture requires good concentration that distracts the spirit of his worries: the key, relaxation and wellbeing!

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