Working balance with water aerobics

Put yourself in the water! The aerobics is a particularly effective activity to reinforce its gentle postural muscles. Not to mention the massaging effect of water, beneficial to your bloodstream.

The principle of aerobics: large front legs reels back, on the side, legs straight and then bent; lunge, knee up, then stretched supporting leg bent; great movements of elbows bent arms outstretched ... the movements are always of high amplitude. With is essential, shoulders which almost always have to stay under water!

Water aerobics: the health benefits

Already, the keep feet always in contact with the floor of the pool requires you to apply for your maximum postural muscles. They are the ones that keep you from losing ground and you "fly" in water.

Most movements are ample and the body is submerged, the greater the effort required to withstand the water pressure is effective.

The healthiest water aerobics

Resulting in this family of muscles, you double whammy because you are also a lot of good to your venous return.

Why do water aerobics?

The veins are located in the heart of the deep muscles are massaged by each of the movements. Regular massage, not violent.

For who ?

For those who love water and who spend their lives in front of their screen. While sitting, the deep muscles are relaxed and veins do not have the necessary support.