Choosing the right food

The fight against junk food begins at the supermarket. How to track down trans fatty acids? What to choose for healthy eating? Over the rays, follow the advice of Laurence Haurat psychologist nutritionist, graduate in dietetics.

Contents of this article
  • Beverages and dairy products: what should I do?
  • Fruits and vegetables: what should I do?
  • Meat and fish: what should I do?
  • Prepared dishes, fresh or frozen: what should I do?

For the first morning meal, it takes on whole wheat bread, whole wheat muffins, little Swedish breads and buckwheat pancakes: "They do a very good breakfast with an egg or a quick dinner. "Simple cereal, or even with chocolate shavings.
Buns that contain palm oil and hydrogenated fats rich in trans fatty acids harmful to health. White bread and brown rice cakes, in the strongest glycemic power and puffed cereals or caramelized.

Confectionery and cakes What should I take?

"Dark chocolate, white, milk, with or without nuts, there is no question of comparing here the labels. Buy this makes you want and eat reasonably! "Says Laurence Haurat.

Banco for black nuggets with almonds and Nutella is not evil if we put only two teaspoonfuls on his sandwich. As for Kinder, Laurence reminded that they are confectioneries, not a taste: "You would not give a bag of M & M's as four hours to your child, right? The Kinder, is the same. "

I leave it? All cakes containing glucose-fructose syrup, implicated in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes.

Beverages and dairy products: what should I do?

You can buy bottled water, but you can drink the tap water, with occasionally a tip or syrup Ant├ęsite better, unsweetened. Fruit juice 100%, no added sugar, "That's fine, but they have no fiber. "From soda light if it is not possible to do without.

I leave it? Concentrates based fruit juices.

Dairy products: what should I do?

Opt for natural yoghurt. Dairy desserts are considered as desserts: twice a week is fine. "The rice pudding without completing a starchy meal," says Laurence Haurat.

The choice of cheese meets him at the heart stroke: better to eat little and enjoy it. Its only drawback: "The mozzarella and feta are a little greasy while we tend to put a lot in salads! "In this department, buy sheets of brick, for use as a pastry and bake.

I leave it? All light or already sweetened yogurt. The fruit yogurts that contain glucose-fructose syrup.

Fruits and vegetables: what should I do?

Play foremost the card of the season in regard to fruit and vegetables. Cool beam, in summer, advises dietician gazpacho and mashed zucchini. In winter the vegetable soup, dehydrated or brick, rather than a soup containing cream.

And side fruit?

"Stewed fruit, it is very convenient. We must choose no added sugar, and about 12% sugar, it's about what's in a fruit. "On his advice always choose dried fruit," to eat in the same quantities that fresh fruit: 3-4 apricot or grape handle. "

I leave it? Stewed fruit with sweetener: "What's the point? A fruit is sweet by nature ", or those with glucose-fructose syrup.

Meat and fish: what should I do?

Take chicken and turkey, farmer of origin. "Better to eat less often, but good," says the dietician, adding in the truck hamburgers beef to 5% fat and pork tenderloin. "The more varied the better. "

Laurence Haurat selects "all ready" chicken cutlets prepared with olive oil, garlic and basil or already roasted rabbit gigolettes.

I leave it? Salted processed meats, chicken Muff, breadcrumbs, sausages and barbecue platters: "We do not know how the animals were raised, and how the meat has been prepared. "

Choosing the fish: what should I do?

The white hake, halibut and frozen salmon are "great for making life easier. "Canned, I choose Nature Albacore tuna, mussels, sardines, mackerel.

I leave it? Surimi and taramasalata. Tuna and wild salmon, because they are too expensive!

Prepared dishes, fresh or frozen: what should I do?

Put in your cart tabbouleh, steamed vegetables and various spices. Calf or couscous kidneys provided that "the flat contains at least two times more protein than fat. For example, if it contains 4% fat, you must read the label at least 8% protein. "

The fried vegetable, they should not show more than 5% fat.

I leave it? The Piedmontese and celery remoulade salad. The moussaka or potatoes with bacon that does not meet the guidelines.