Radish, a true ally slimming!

Radish white, red or black radish radishes, this vegetable of the cruciferous family is crisp and refreshing. Low in calories, it is a slimming ally ... if you eat it without butter & thinsp ;!

Radish is one of the richest vegetables in water after the cucumber, zucchini and lettuce. It thus contributes to the hydration of the body. But this is not its sole nutritional quality!

A provider vitamin C and minerals

100g radishes bring between 6 and 20 mg of vitamin C or 10-25% of the recommended daily intake. This vitamin, which promotes the formation of red blood cells, is anti-anemic.

This vegetable is a concentrated potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur ... essential for various body functions. Read also: 10 tips to recharge iron.

The main radish health benefits

The advice of Veronique Liegeois, dietician-nutritionist.

  • Radish cleanses the body
    Radish, black above, contains sulfur compounds to cholagogues properties.
    "The radish increases the secretion and flow of bile, which promotes good elimination of fat, toxins, says the dietician. They also facilitate the regeneration of liver cells, making it a good detoxifying the liver system. "Read also: Twelve detox foods to choose
  • Radish reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
    Radish contains various antioxidants.
    "They preserve the heart and blood vessels, informs dietician, participating in lowering cholesterol and homocysteine, a substance that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. "
  • Radish helps prevent cancer
    Radish contains sulfur compounds, and antioxidants. They are higher in black radish than in other varieties.
    "These elements inhibit and slow the development of cancer cells," says the dietician. They are active against cancers of the lung, ovary and kidney. But to take advantage of their strengths, must be consumed several times a week. Read also: anticancer Food, break myths!
  • The discouraged in some cases radishes

    You have irritable bowel syndrome: "Like all cruciferous, radish can cause bloating, abdominal pain or diarrhea, said Véronique Liégeois. Better to limit consumption. "Read also: 4 solutions against the irritable bowel syndrome.

    You have gallstones: avoid radish that irritates the biliary tract and releases the calculations. But it is advised against recurrence.

    How to choose radishes

    When buying, choose radishes farms with beautiful vines. Radish roses prefer small. Black radish has a spicy taste.

    White and red meat are themselves sweeter.

    Keep red radishes three days cool or plunge them into cold water. Black will keep several weeks.