Three tips for lunch on the desktop thumb

We have lunch in speed between two races, we snack on sweets stashed in a drawer ... Our office-supply sometimes deserves a double zero. John Paul Curtay, nutrithérapeute doctor, gives us the keys to be express but balanced breakfast.

Not much time for breakfast? This is certainly not a reason to eat anything in a hurry. It revises its food and good ingredients is chosen for his sandwich.

The perfect sandwich for lunch

Wherever possible, favors the sandwich which contains:

  • wholemeal bread or semi-complete bio. Indeed, all pesticides come to nest in the envelopes cereal if wholemeal bread is not organic, it is filled.
  • raw vegetables for their antioxidant and slimming effect.
  • white meat, preferably not grilled, for protein.
  • sardines, rich in omega-3 and low in mercury.

A sandwich wholemeal bread / sardine / green salad, prepared at home in the morning, will be economic as well as being excellent for energy.

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A slip into yogurt

With yogurt lunch, keep in your drawer a small box of powder matcha, which saupoudrerez your dessert.

Found in powerful antioxidants matcha powder, flavonoids.

Do not forget the four-hour

Instead of snacking in the afternoon, we agree a relaxed stay:

  • chew some hazelnuts and almonds because they contain vitamin E, not enough present in our diet;
  • treat yourself to a few squares of dark chocolate for its antioxidant properties. "It is a hundred times better eating a few squares of dark chocolate a pastry," says Jean-Paul Curtay.

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